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It’s never too early to start planning your estate if you have any assets. It also helps to have a living, so your loved ones don’t have to make difficult decisions on your behalf without input. And it doesn’t help that greed can cloud people’s judgment after death.

At Cuturic Law, serving Englewood and its neighboring Florida communities, we see firsthand the chaos not having a will or estate planning can bring and encourage people to have a plan before they become incapacitated or their passing occurs.

About Wills and Estate

An injury or disease causes you to become mentally incapable of making decisions on your behalf. You can designate your power of attorney in your estate planning. As to your estate plan, you may also create a will that specifies who receives your possessions and children. A living will states your wishes if you should happen to need any form of life support.

How We Help

We at the Cuturic Law help people plan every last detail of their estates, ranging from their powers of attorney, healthcare directives, and who will acquire their possessions, among other factors.

Part of estate planning includes making a will and possibly having a living will. In a will, not only do you designate who receives your home, car, money, and other possessions, but you also specify who gains custody of your children if something should happen before they’re adults.

Our responsibility serving Englewood is to make note of your wishes for if something medically should make you incapable of making decisions as well as after your passing. Having an estate and a will fully planned, provide legal documentation of your wishes. Your loved ones then have to follow it to remain legally compliant.

At Cuturic Law, serving Englewood, Osprey, Nokomis, North Port, Venice, Sarasota, and the surrounding Florida regions, we can create a legally binding will and help plan your entire estate. Contact us today at 941-441-9193.

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